Spiritual clothing, a way to express yourself

Spiritual clothing is a way to express yourself. It is a way to let other people know what things you find important in life and what type of things you value. The company Chaos of the Muse has an important power that makes the company like it is. They only sell things they truly love. The items they sell the most are spiritual clothing. The designs used on the clothing are unique and fun to wear. Colorful is a word that fits these designs perfectly. In the clothes department on their website they have spiritual clothing items like jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, leggings, shorts, beanies, caps, face masks and bags. They also have phone cases and artwork you can enjoy.

1:1 program

Apart from all of the fun and beautiful spiritual clothes and items this company lets you be truly happy. They do this with the 1:1 program. This program makes you find what you really need and desire without being influenced from the outside. With this program you will learn to find your center and find your truth. Not the truth that has been told to you. There are multiple steps in the program that will result in change. First of all you need to understand yourself and everything that is happening inside of you and outside of you. Understanding is the beginning of all change. The next step in the process is re-connect. This step makes sure you get closer to yourself and reconnects you to the forgotten magic inside of you. It is about stopping for a second and looking inside of you instead of always looking at other people. The next step is to identify what is happening in your unconscious. This will be the part where change will begin to happen. You will see in your unconscious what you really need and desire.


Once you have looked inside of yourself and found a problem the hardest thing may be to accept it and change it. This will need a lot of embracing, accepting, understanding, giving space, listening, feeling and loving to do but it will change you forever.


After all of this it is time to start over and have a complete other look of things around you and the world. You will see the world from a very different angle than before because of your unconscious.